Herniated Discs

Soothe the pain. Repair your herniated disc.

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Whether the result of a lifetime of wear and tear or a sudden injury, a herniated disc can cause the type of discomfort that knows no relief. You might feel tingling, numbness, and pain in your legs, arms, neck or back. You could be unable to find a comfortable position, even when you’re trying to sleep. You may even have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Your discs act as cushions for the vertebrae in your spine. When your disc is herniated, the protective gel that acts like a shock absorber bulges out. Pressure on the nearby nerve triggers pain, either at the site or in your extremities.

At ChiroChicago, we understand that a herniated disc can be life-changing. At your initial appointment, we’ll carefully examine you, discuss your medical history, and conduct noninvasive neurological tests. Depending on the results, your treatment plan may include gentle manipulation of the spine, therapeutic exercises, and ice and heat therapy.

Don’t let a herniated disc keep you down. Call ChiroChicago today at (312) 422-0042 to schedule your evaluation.
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