Hip & Knee Pain

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Knee-slapping humor is anything but amusing when you’re knee-deep in pain. While the typical knee-jerk reaction is to blame joints as the likely culprit in hip and knee pain, the truth is that muscles and tendons can play prominent roles.

Knee pain can certainly be the result of joint misalignment, but it can also be caused by iliotibial band syndrome. Runners and cyclists can suffer from this condition, which occurs when a tendon near the knee becomes inflamed from repetitive motion. Similarly, hip pain can be joint-related, but it can also be referred pain that arises from a nerve problem in the back.

“Dr. Trottier is truly amazing. Thanks to Dr. Trottier’s help I was able to get rid of my knee pain in time to compete in another marathon.”Steven M, Chicago

At ChiroChicago, we can uncover the cause of your hip or knee pain and tailor a treatment plan that will alleviate your symptoms and address the underlying issue. Your treatment may include spinal or joint adjustments, deep tissue work, exercises, orthotics, and strategies to reduce pain and inflammation.

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