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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder is a mouthful to say, but for those who suffer from it, the discomfort and pain are hard to swallow. TMJ impacts the joints that connect the lower and upper jaws, yet the symptoms can manifest as face and neck pain, painful clicking when you chew, limited jaw mobility, and even dizziness, headaches, and earaches.

As plentiful as are the symptoms of TMJ, so are the causes. Some people develop the disorder following an accident or sports injury, while it creeps up on others after years of teeth-grinding or as the result of arthritis. Typically, the pain associated with TMJ can be traced to the tightening of muscles in the face, jaw, or neck that impact nerves and blood vessels in the region.

At ChiroChicago, our primary goals are to relieve your pain and retrain your jaw. We quickly find the “trigger points” that cause pain to crop up in your jaw and elsewhere. At that point, we develop your treatment plan, which can include trigger point therapy, working on the musculature around the temporomandibular joint, exercises, and adjustments to correct spinal misalignments that contribute to your TMJ. Our chiropractic care may supplant or complement the treatment you receive from your dentist or other healthcare professionals.

TMJ can quickly weave its way into all aspects of your life. The sooner we begin treatment, the sooner you can be free of discomfort. Call ChiroChicago today at (312) 422-0042 to schedule your evaluation.
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