What are your terms of usage?

Our site is used to promote our services. We collect name, email and phone number information on our contact form for the purposes of office/doctor communication. Because communication on the Internet is insecure, we recommend that you CALL our office for medical assistance or advice. We DO collect statistics on visitors and those that have come to our site, this information is collected in aggregate form and NO personal information about you, your condition or your address is collected in our statistics collection. We use Google Analytics to help us understand where our visitors are coming from and which pages they find most useful. It helps us to communicate better with you, our patients.

What will you do with my information?

We collect your name, phone number and email for our records in case we need to get a hold of you and to ensure we have the correct information. We do NOT share this information with people outside our company and will NEVER sell or share your information for any reasons other than direct response from us to you for office/doctor related information. We’re in the Chiropractic business and we value privacy, integrity and trust and hope you do as well.

Can I opt out of being contacted?

Absolutely, any time we send out mailings, a simple reply back of ‘do not contact me again’ will suffice. We may also offer a direct mail piece from time to time and there is always an ‘opt-out’ link in our communications. Any questions, just call or ask us and we’ll be happy to allay any concerns you may have.

Can I change or update my information?

Yes, just call us 312-422-0042 and we’ll be happy to update your information as needed.