“Wish I would have found Dr. Trottier a long time ago. Thanks to his treatments, I no longer suffer with low back pain or sciatica.”Charles D.

“Dr. Trottier is truly amazing. I had bad back pains and didn’t know what to do about it. I feel 100 times better now, just loved this chiro and have gone back to him time and time again.”Sara N.

“Dr. Trottier works with you and your insurance to make sure that YOU are getting the best benefit. He works with your schedule and is conveniently located. I leave Dr. Trottier’s office feeling great, my posture is better and my pain is relieved. If you work downtown and need an adjustment before work, after work, or during your lunch break go to ChiroChicago. Dr. Trottier also does same day appointments!”Alex H.

“ChiroChicago is an excellent place to go if you’re having issues. I had lower back pain on and off for about 3 years and then I got into a car accident and the pain just wouldn’t go away. I researched Chiropractor’s in the Downtown area and this was the only one who had a legit website for me to look at and get a feel of the place and I am incredibly happy that I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Trottier! He’s an excellent Doctor, great guy, really makes you feel comfortable and knows what he is doing! His assistant, Dana, is extremely friendly and always has a smile on her face when you walk through the door. They definitely take the time to make sure you don’t feel like you’re just a patient and take the time to see what is going on in your life. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Trottier to anyone who needs Chiropractic work done.”Tiffany S.

“I’m 24, played contact sports my whole life and have had problems with my neck since 05-06. I’ve been to private rehab facilities, hospital physical therapy facilities and multiple collegiate athletic training therapy sessions with none of them providing relief. my neck is bending the wrong way, causing nerve damage and arthritis due to the constat trauma I did to myself from sports. I have to tell anyone who has similar problems, you need to go to this chiro. Im not an employee of the doc, a personal friend or family member..just a patient.

I went to the Doc because I threw out my back, I didnt think he could help my neck. So I walked in with pain in my neck, soreness and pain throughout my back, random numbness, tingling, burning and extreme sensitivity to weather changes in my right hand from nerve issues and couldn’t even check my side mirrors in my car without moving my shoulders. The Doc took X-rays, told me what was wrong and what I needed to do. Then we began treatments…

Today, I can check my mirrors easily, soreness in my back only occurs when I sleep wrong, sit to long or other normal triggers,. pain in my neck has dropped considerably (which is mind blowing for me personally) and most noticeable is my right hand. It still gets sensitive with the weather changes but all the burning, tingling and numbness haven’t come back since they stopped about 3 weeks ago.

Overall? this is the only treatment I have ever had pain relief from and the only thing that has helped multiple issues at once. My neck may not be perfect yet but I know whats wrong, and I know I can fix it. Chirporactors are for real people and this guy is top notch.”Sean L.

“I first went to Dr. Ron back in 2004 when his office was next to mine in the same building. That was lucky for me. Because I couldn’t walk much further than that at the time. I had gone back running in my early 40s and after about a year it seemed like everything started to fall apart.

My back went out, my left leg would get numb, my foot felt like I was walking on lava-rocks! Sitting hurt. Standing was worse. When you hit middle age and this stuff happens, you start thinking the end is near. Anyway, I went to Dr. Ron.

He did a thorough exam and made his diagnosis. Ordered a set of orthotics for me (which I can’t live without to this day.) Started me on a course of treatment and adjustments. And in a matter of weeks, put me back on track.

Today I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years. At 48, I feel like I’m 22. And that’s no exaggeration. This may sound like hype, but going to Dr. Ron didn’t just fix my back. It changed my life. Thank you Doctor Ron!Dan R.

Seems like you role the dice when you “Google” a Dr. to hopefully help you with your pain. In my case I also had no idea where the pain was originating from other than somewhere deep in my shoulder.

Dr Trottier immediately inspires confidence, and Chiro Chicago is a very clean professional clinic. He listens, asks insightful questions and for me quickly diagnosed the problem. Relief was almost instant, and after being in pain for 6 months I feel significantly better.

He’s a personable guy, and his assistants are great as well. I highly recommend him, worth every penny. He even got on the phone and worked out coverage issues with my insurance company. Google is a good thing when it comes to Chiro Chicago and Dr Trottier!”Scott W.

“Dr. Trottier is truly amazing. I am an avid runner and was training for a 5k, but I had back pains, knee pains and didn’t know what to do about it. When I went to Chiro Chicago, Dr. Trottier performed a series of tests on me to really hone in on my issues.

Turned out that I have slight spine curvature (which caused back pains) and my flat feet were to blame for my knee problems. He helped me pick out orthodics and even a special pillow to sleep on to help my issues.

Loved this chiro and have gone back to him time and time again. His receptionist is very sweet too. A great team for sure!!Erin O.

  • Convenient Loop Location at Monroe & Dearborn
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Most Insurance Accepted
  • 100% Covered Auto & Work Injuries
  • Flex-D. (Traction for Herniated Discs)
  • On-Site Digital X-Ray System
  • Laser Therapy Available